In the world today, social media has become the foremost technique for major marketing strategies, with most the businesses knowing the importance of social media for their business. Even though the use of social media is widely accepted by many companies, some still find it hard to stay relevant and increase their customer base on the social media platforms. Due to the evolvement of social media trends, retaining a top place on the market can be very tasking. That time you think you already have it all figured out, it is then another method will come and you will have to change your strategy again. This can be very tiring, but with the help of research and hired help from concerned companies, you will be able to get back on your fit.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Before you go ahead into the tips we have for you, let us take a look at what social media marketing is about exactly. Using some of the most used platforms like, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, businesses can now link up with prospect customers and client. With the use of these platforms in a well arranged way, your business will get back on track and grow your follower’s base, and eventually, your company. Now that we have settled that part., let us move to those social media tips we have for you.

  1. Begin with a Plan

The first step to social media strategy is creating a plan. This involves you considering your business objectives and goals. Engaging in social media marketing strategy without having a laid down plan is just like walking round a desert without a map- this might seem like fun, but when you get lost you will realise that there is a big problem. Alongside with the plan, your social media marketing goals too should be clearly stated. To define that goal, ask yourself this:

  • What is your aim with the social media marketing?
  • Who are you targeting with that marketing strategy?
  • On which social media platform are your target customers on?
  • What information are you trying to pass across with the social marketing strategy?



  1. Have a Reliable Business Brand

The main aim of social media marketing is to deliver your business brand image using various social media channels. With the channels with their own special community, delivering your business is the main aim and you should be consistent about it.

  1. Content Matters

Creating a great social content also matters. These contents include the likes of word blogs, images, videos etc. Ensure you are consistent with your posting, this allows your business to stay relevant and alive. Don’t just post anything, but relevant information that will be helpful to your customers. You should know that as much as people enjoying seeing the favourite brands, they get tired when you stuff their timeline with your contents. This means that you should focus on quality of the content more than the quantity. Although posting online every time can be tempting, you should have a time for posting contents across your platforms and stick to it.

  1. Share Copied Links

Apart from the fact that social media is useful to maintain your own brand, and increase your customer base, it is also useful in linking to external articles. If the external article is filled with relevant and helpful information that you know will benefit your followers. This establishes trust in your followers, and you might get some linking back as well.

  1. Create Landing Page on your Website

For those that have the goal of increasing traffic on their websites, creating a specific landing page will be very helpful. This page will give you the assurance that your followers are getting to the page where the right action should be taken, rather than just directing them to the homepage. This helps you to track how your followers are actively engaged in your promotions.

  1. Create Video and Infographics

Nowadays, the most effective way to engage your followers is with the use of videos and graphical contents. Especially for Facebook that tends to put video contents on top of their newsfeed. The videos and infographics can be used to reach out to your followers in variety of ways,

  1. Create Relevant Images

Just like videos and infographics, using images of high-quality and scalability also helps to get your followers attention. Various businesses uses this image to cater for the need of their customers. Your followers will even know more about your brand when you have text placed over your images.

  1. Decide on which Platform to use

Not all the available social media platforms is the best for your business. For some, Instagram and Twitter is the best, and others may even do better on Facebook and Snapchat. This totally depends on where your customers and followers are, this makes it even the key social media tips. Having a better understanding of how every platform will benefit your business is also very important to help you pick the best platform for you. Also start small, it is not necessary that you are everywhere, master the technique behind the use of one or two channels first.

  1. Participate and Connect

This social media marketing tip should be at the very top of your mind. It has been shown that people tend to engage with a brand they connect to personally. The best way to increase traffic is to engage your customers, by creating promotion or contests for your business. You can connect to your followers by just responding to their reviews and comments, no matter the review you get (either positive or negative) you should respond to them.

Social media marketing is a very useful method for businesses of all types to reach out to their followers and customers. You will be missing out if you do not engage with your clients, because other brands are using this medium to get the loyalty of their customers. Creating a successful social media marketing campaign will bring the desired change to your brand, develop your business and increase sales.